A Suit of Armour after a model worn by Charles V of Spain.


This full size Spanish suit of armour is after a very similar ond used by Charles V of Spain in the 16th century, the original being part of the collection of the Real Armeria (Royal Armory) in the Palacio Real in Madrid.

The handcrafted steel armour is characterized by etched floral designs and figures and is mounted on a custom wooden skeletal structure supported by a square burgundy leather upholstered wooden base. The Armour in excellent condition exhibiting dull grey patina and has no dents or missing elements. It is presented with a sword that has Carlos V inscribed on the hilt. The armour was likely made in the 1960’s by the renowned firm of Marto operating out of Toledo in Spain.

Dimensions: 200 cm ( 76″) H x 46 cm (18″) W x 46 cm (18″ ) D