A Belle Epoque Bronze Statue Titled “En Triomphe” by Antoine Bofill


A beautifully cast bronze statue with light chocolate colour patination. A standing bare chested warrior youth wears an animal hide from his waist down held up by a thick buckled belt. In one hand the warrior is holding a helmet, the other is outstretched holding a sword planted on and pointing towards the ground. The warrior is standing and stepping on a war banner in victory. The bronze is titled En Triomphe or In Triumph, stamped in bold letters on the front of the stepped bronze base. The work was executed by a Spanish Catalan sculptor named Antoine Bofill. Born in 1875 in Barcelona, Spain, he studied at the Academy of Beaux Arts in Barcelona, Spain, before garnering contact with the Parisian art world. He is best known for his small decorative bronze sculptures. Bofill often focused on Neoclassical themes, historical scenes, female nudes and animals. From his origins in Spain, he went on to exhibit in the prestigious Paris salon, the Societe des Artistes on a regular basis from 1894 to the mid-1920s. This bronze has a Salon Des Beaux Arts Paris Stamp of 1895 on the front of the base. The bronze is also signed Bofill and carries the ‘Bronze garanti au titre Paris’ foundry mark. The sculptor is thought to have died sometime after 1925.

Dimensions: 30.5″ H x 10″ W x 10″ D