A 19 Century French Gilt bronze Statue of Venus and Cupid signed A. Carrier


A beautifully cast gilt bronze statue of a classically draped seminude maiden representing Venus sitting on a tree trunk with her son a nude standing cupid holding a basket of roses leaning against Venus’s left knee. Venus has one hand holding a rose against her breasts and the other holding a rose and lovingly holding Cupid near her. At the base of one of Venus’ bare feet feet there is a basket full grape bunches vine leaves and two symbols that are associated with Venus an apple and a pomegranate.

The statue was executed by Ernest Albert Carrier Belleuse (1824-1887) and in this case he signed it simply A. Carrier inscribed at the base on the frontt. The statue rests on a gilt bronze round socle.

Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse, artist and sculptor, began his career at 13 in 1837 with an apprenticeship under Bauchery, a Parisian chiseler. He began to receive accolades for his fine art sculptures after 10 years of showing his works. Among Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse’s sculptures and artwork for sale that received critical acclaim is the Messiah, which earned him a Medal of Honor and the cross of the Legion d’Honneur.

Artist Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse was entrepreneurial and often sold his sculptures directly through auctions and his own studio. He was instrumental in elevating the stature of applied arts and noted for his ornamental art designs. He had a considerable artistic impact on many young artists, most notably Auguste Rodin.

Dimensions: 21.5″ H X 9.5″ Diameter base