Italy 1879

19th Century Northern Italian Landscape around Lake Como by Karl Kaufman


A large oil on canvas of a Northern Italian lake landscape showing part of the shoreline of Lake Como with a tiny village on a peninsula jutting out into the lake, painted by the late 19th century Austrian landscape artist Karl Kaufmann. Signed K.Kaufmann and dated 1879 on the bottom left hand corner of the canvas; in its original frame. The painting and frame have been professional cleaned and restored.

Kaufmann was born 1843 in Neuplachowitz, Austria and died 27 April 1905 in Vienna after having completing artistic education at the Vienna Academy and then doing his own Grand Tour traveling to various parts of Europe, notably Norway, Germany Holland and especially Italy painting landscapes such as the one offered here. At the age of 57 in 1900 he stopped traveling and spent the last five years of his life in Vienna.

He signed his early works under his name like this painting but for some reason which is not recorded he often signed his works using pseudonyms. Among various other names, Byon, H. Carnier, W. Carnier, F. Gilbert, O. Halm, C.Charpentier, J. Holmstedt, Charles Marchand, R. Merkner, B. Lambert, E. Leutner, M. Heger, Hobart, L. van Howe / van Hove, R. Jäger, Laarsen, Lundberg, F. Marchant, J. Marchant, C. Poul, F. Rodek, J. Rollin, Taupiac, L. Voigt or R. Benda.

Dimensions: 36″ H x 51″ W