19 Century Italian Landscape in the Manner of George Vincent

A 19thC oil painting in a period gilded wooden frame depicting an Italian landscape with figures labouring over their daily chores; women doing the washing around a  lakeshore, some men fishing off boats and others fishing with rods from the shore all shown in a bucolic backdrop of a placid lake, mountains, temple ruins, a  turreted castle, a clifftop monastery and even the trademark waterfall reminiscent of Tivoli near Rome. The painting is unsigned but its composition is very much in the manner of the English 19thC artist George Vincent. The painting  also draws influences and parallels to the  work of a Flemish artist of the 17th/18th century  Jan Frans van Bloemen.  Italy circa 1830.

Dimensions 48″ ( 122 cm )  W x 34″ ( 86 cm ) H

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