Portrait of Antione Brulley De St-Seine


An 18thC portrait of an important Parisian bureaucrat and aristocrat named Antoine Brulley De St-Seine who was born in 1719.  He died in Paris and according to a typed biographical label at the back of the canvas he was unmarried and the date of death is not given.  However, this portrait was probably done when the gentleman was in his fifties. A Google search mentions him attending a wedding in Lyon on the 19th of January 1762 at the age of 43 representing the Brulley St Seine family. So he was still alive in the third quarter of the 18thC.

The biography on the back also indicates that he was a man of some standing in the Governance of Paris as he held various titles including that of a Parliamentary lawyer, First Secretary of the “Prevete Des Marchands”, (a Merchants Guild of some sort), and Director General of a regulatory body dealing with Excise Duty.

The painting is not signed, the canvas has never been relined, and comes in its original 18thC carved gilt wood frame.

Dimensions with Frame: 36″W (92cm) x 42″H (107cm)

Ref. BR MN2566

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